Email available

Are you tired of your email address changing every time you change service providers?

Your email address will make you the envy of friends & present a professional image to business associates.  

Email Option 1   $24.00 per year. (That is only $2.00 per month.) Your new address will be forwarded to any address you wish.
IE: email address provided to you by your current service provider. This option should work quite well for most people.  When you change service providers we change your forwarding address.  Your email friends/associates still keep sending email to They never know you changed service providers.

Email Option 2   $60.00 per year. (That is only $5.00 per month.) Your new address comes with 10 megs email space on our email server. Use this option if you do not have a service provider with a reliable email system or someone else in your family is already using the available email addresses and you do not want your email forwarded to them.

All Prices in Canadian Dollars.

 Richard Bewza:
Phone: 403-274-2726
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